Our Story


Katy Mallory and Lou Childs, co-creators of SlumberPod and SlumberPod Pet, are a mother-daughter team with a love for problem-solving.

The idea for SlumberPod started in December 2014 when Katy and her husband and baby were visiting Katy’s mother (Lou) for the winter holidays. Because it was a packed house, the three had to share a room. The baby woke up two nights in a row—seeing her parents across the room—and refused to go back to sleep. Sleep deprived and frustrated, Katy and her family went home a day early. Thing was … their baby was rarely a bad sleeper at home.

While Katy was on maternity leave with twins in the spring of 2016, she and Lou decided it was time to create a safe, easy and portable solution to help make vacations more restful and fun for everyone—and SlumberPod was born!